DIY Christmas Decor Galore

Are you a “Do it Yourselfer”? I admit I have my moods where I just want to put everything aside and take the time to do some major hands on projects. This morning I scoured pinterest for some cute Christmas DIY decorations that you can accomplish in an afternoon. After I had my fill of ideas, I figured why not share so you can do it too?! So here’s what I cam up with.

All photo’s are followed with links to their respective website posters.

These snowflakes would be so cute hanging from the ceiling, in frost of the window.

I couldn’t find a website for this but here is the pinned address on pinterest

I just love these jars. I have all white, silver and gold ornaments this year so this would be perfect on the foyer table or even on the book shelf. The website has an easy to follow tutorial and very few supplies needed.

How about this glitter deer head decoration?

DIY Glitter Deer Head

Equipped with  link to the printable deer head and instructions, you can find this project at

Finally, there’s this Buzz Feed post that features 51 adorable and irresistible DIY decorations. I couldn’t choose just one but OMG look at some of the projects there featuring all those geometric patterns! And all the colors!

Here’s a link to these projects

Do you have projects you would like to try? We would love to see some links/photo’s of your favorites. And if you try any of the projects listed in this post today we would love to see those too!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have found some inspiration for your DIY Christmas to-do lists.

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