Black Friday is almost here! Sneak Peeks!

Black Friday means tons of new release at Sweet Shoppe Designs, store wide sales, free with purchase promotions and MORE! So, who is excited and ready already?! I AM! That’s why I’m making  this post. I’m gonna leave a little peek for you so have a look at all the new goods coming to the shop from River Rose. Plus, if you sign up for the newsletter you’ll get a special little freebie as well.

Silver & Gold Collection which you’ll be able to buy each of the 3 pieces separately as well.

Merry Little Christmas is a re-release deserving of its new home with it’s unique, rich colors.

Mod Holidays is created with a  glamorous, modern color pallet sure to grab your attention.

And finally, Christmas traditions speaks for itself. Traditional colors for your traditional Christmas with the River Rose style you can always count on!

With that, I’ll leave you to the excitement and waiting for release day which will be 24 hours earlier this week! We’ll be releasing Thursday night instead of Friday. Again, be sure to sign up for the River Rose newsletter and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all the happenings. For those celebrating Thanksgiving this week, have a wonderful time with your family and friends and for you all have a wonderful week! ♥

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